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Creating Microsites for your Marketing Strategy

It’s almost impossible to target every home buyer and seller on the Costa del Sol, so it’s no surprise that the most successful Agents are the ones that focus on specific Real Estate niches.

Sure, having 30 thousand properties for sale on your website makes you look like a big Agent, but it doesn’t necessarily make you a successful one. For a start, it’s much more difficult to get found because you’re competing with some of the biggest Real Estate portals in Spain.

We’ve all gone into a Hypermarket and stood there not knowing which way to turn because there is too much choice. Don’t you prefer to shop in a smaller supermarket with fewer, but better quality items?

Microsites offer Agents the perfect targeting tool to give comprehensive and hyper-focused content to a specific target audience.

What are Microsites?

House hunters already have a good idea of their preferred location, property type and budget before they start searching online for their next dream home. Microsites help you communicate better with your prospects with easily digestible material through more focused targeting.

  • Microsites are often smaller than parent websites
  • Microsites are designed for specific campaigns
  • Microsites are hyper-focused, usually on a specific area, location, property type and/or price band
  • Microsites are not always permanent
  • You can drive traffic to a Microsite using PPC advertising
  • Microsites can be used to generate high-intent leads for businesses
  • You can monitor traffic to Microsites and measure the level of interest with more accuracy
  • Microsites help development of a niche client community
Present potential clients with exactly what they are looking for without them having to hunt for it.

We already have a website. Why do we need a Microsite?

Sometimes, a user can get lost in a main website. Whist it’s comprehensive, it can provide too much information in one place.

Visitors to your Microsite will have a better experience by being able to find exactly what they are looking for, with fewer pages to navigate and keyword-rich content with the goal of having search engines rank them highly.

How to I define my Real Estate niche?

As an already established Agent, you know your Demographic so focusing on your niche is easier. These might include, but are not limited to:

  • Location
  • Property Types
  • Price Bands
  • International Buyers
  • New Developments
  • Urbanisations
  • Luxury Residences
  • Lifestyle
  • Holiday Rentals
  • Distressed Properties
  • Bank Repossessions
  • Golden Visa
  • Investment properties

Perfect Experimental Tool

Microsites can help you test your market and can give your marketing team the freedom to experiment without getting bogged down by the search terms or SEO strategies dictated by your Agency’s main website. This allows you to test your market and better gauge the effectiveness of your campaigns. Since they are independent of your main website, users will not be confused.

Microsites have more focused content at a smaller scale making them more easily digestible.

Domain or Subdomain?

Microsites can be published either as a subdomain on the parent website or on it’s own URL

  • On its own domain - particularly if you have an assortment of keyword-rich domain names that are highly valued by Google (recommended)
  • On a subdomain - eg. http://mynichemarket.mydomain.com
  • Subdomains do not have to be hosted on the same server as the main website

Cost Effective

Microsites are perfect if you have a small marketing budget. They are less expensive, easier to maintain and more affordable than adding to a bigger website.

Using the QRES Smart Filtering, listings can be filtered from XML feeds and AJAX API for Areas, Locations, Property Types and Price bands so you display only the listings you want to on your website.

QRES Microsites start from €450 with a monthly subscription of €35 for unlimited listings using AJAX API. Contact us today for more information.