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Frequently Asked Questions

What is QRES Cloud and QRES On Demand?

QRES Cloud and QRES On Demand are SaaS (Software as a Service) based products giving you total flexibility with a predictable up-front cost.

With QRES Cloud, all property maintenance is carried out in the MLS Provider Admin panel. You still have access to the the CMS allowing you to update the website page and blog content.

With QRES On Demand, websites are designed as either standalone (where you can upload your own listings) and/or consume MLS feeds from multiple National and International MLS Providers. You have the option to enhance all listings, supplied on an XML feed, in order to increase their marketability. These changes will not be overwritten when the MLS feed is next consumed.

Why are QRES Cloud and QRES On Demand so cheap compared to your other packages?

Based on the QRES Real Estate Software, this 'out of the box' package has been streamlined and the custom responsive themes have already been created for quick deployment.  You supply us with your logo, choose a theme and we will colorise the design to match. You supply us with up to 10 pages of content (including Home page, Contact page and Testimonials if required) and we do the rest.

Can I have bespoke modifications to the template?

Yes. Additional changes will be quoted for accordingly. If you want a bespoke website, we recommend you order one of our QRES Bespoke Website packages.

How do I sign up?

We provide you with a detailed questionnaire to establish your requirements and from that we can recommend the package which is most suitable and cost effective for your business.

Is there a minimum sign-up period?

No. This is a ‘pay-as-you-go’ service and you can cancel at anytime giving one calendar month’s notice.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. There is a one off set-up and configuration fee, plus your monthly subscription.

Is website maintenance included?

Yes. We ensure that your website, email accounts and hosting are running smoothly, which also includes bug fixes and updates for the life of the subscription.

How quickly can the site be up and running?

Usually within 5 working days, however the deployment may be dependent on external factors such as your MLS feed provider, your website content & logo etc.

Can I purchase a new domain name at the same time?

Yes. We can use an existing domain or can purchase a new domain name on your behalf. As the price of domain names varies, we simply pass the costs on to you directly plus a small administration charge.

How many themes and colourways are there to choose from?

We rotate them on a regular basis with nine themes available at any one time (see footer links below) with unlimited colourways which can be styled to match your corporate colour scheme.

Does the fee include a subscription to Resales Online, Infocasa and other MLS service providers?


What is your uptime availability?

Any supplier giving you a 100% uptime guarantee is usually hiding behind small print and statistics. We, however, talk about website and email availability, not uptime. Currently our websites have been available for 99.98% over the last 30 days and the email service, on which your business relies, slightly higher.

Can you transfer my emails from my existing provider?

No. This is not included in the QRES On Demand or QRES Cloud service.

Do I get an invoice?

Yes. We send a full European compliant invoice with tax and payment details every month.

When and how do I pay for the service?

There is a one off set-up fee to get your website and email accounts up and running. Your subscription fee is payable in advance on the tenth day of every month, via bank transfer, PayPal or credit card payment.

Is support included in the subscription?

Yes. Your day-to-day support, hosting, upgrades and maintenance costs are included. You will only be charged extra for substantial changes to your website or purchase additional options.

How do I contact support?

You can contact support via our ticketing system which is built into the administration panel or by sending an email directly to support@quantum23.com.

Can we arrange a meeting?

We can arrange a telephone or video conference call, however, due to the competitive price of our Cloud and On Demand packages, we do not visit your offices personally.


What is QRES Cloud?

Released in June 2015, QRES Cloud has been developed exclusively for Webkit and AJAX API. This application uses the latest remote data functionality and differs to our MLS application in that listing information is never held locally – it connects directly with the MLS Provider for all search results and listing details.

What are the advantages of QRES Cloud?

The advantage of using this solution is that new listings and updates to property listings with the MLS Provider are available almost instantly.

What are the disadvantages of QRES Cloud?

  • You get the same information about properties that all other Agents get using the same MLS Provider.
  • You can’t improve the SEO value for listings and you can’t update properties to improve their marketability.
  • Your SEO campaign is based solely on your website content.
  • You cannot select listings to export to Property Portals via your website admin.

Can I change from QRES Cloud to QRES On Demand and visa versa?

Yes. The QRES Cloud application uses a different underlying technology to QRES On Demand so an additional administration fee will apply.


What are the benefits of QRES On Demand?

Expandability – QRES On Demand has a multi-tiered solution which allows you to upgrade the service as your business grows.

Can I upgrade and downgrade as my business changes?

Yes. You just need to give us one calendar month’s notice.

Are Sales, Short Term and Long Term properties counted seperately?

No. A listing with a single reference number is counted as one property, so if you have a listing which is for sale, short term rent and a long term rent it is counted as one listing.

How is this different from your established software?

QRES On Demand is a streamlined ‘packaged’ version of our existing QRES product, with standard features, basic themes and lower upfront costs. Our existing QRES products are custom built to each client’s requirements with unique web designs.

How do I select the property listings I want to show on my website?

We use ‘Smart Filtering’ technology which selects listings on your inbound feed which match your criteria for price bands, locations and property types. For example all apartments, villas and townhouses for sale between €100.000 and €2.000.000 in Marbella, Puerto Banús and on The Golden Mile.

Can I add my own listings which are not on an XML feed?

Yes. If you have listings that you do not want to share with other agents, you can add them to your website independently from your MLS provider.

Can I change, update and modify listings which come in on an MLS feed?

Yes. You can ‘augment’ listings supplied on the MLS feed to provide better SEO information, better images, reorder images, better descriptions etc. However, as these are not your own properties, we do not allow you to change the location, price or basic details of the listing. Once a listing has been ‘augmented’ only the basic details will be updated from your MLS feed provider so all your changes will not be overwritten.

Can I have more than one website?

Yes. If you have distinctly separate parts of the business you can have multiple websites with an individual focus, such as “Marbella Penthouses” or “La Zagaleta Properties”.  See Creating Microsites for Marketing Stragegy for more information.